Reversing Summer Sun Damage to Your Skin

Published September 9, 2021 by

You have tried to be conscientious this summer about wearing sunscreen, but alas, there were times you forgot to reapply it. Then there were all those countless other summers when you were careless about protecting your skin, so now you are left with sun damage. But, there’s some good news! Reversing summer sun damage to your skin is possible, if you know how.

Sun Damage to Your Skin

You may think sun damage only happens while at the beach or sitting by the pool. The truth is that it occurs every single day when you walk outside, get in your car, walk down the street, or even sit by a window. UV rays reach your skin in all sorts of situations to cause damage, and the only way to prevent it is to wear sunscreen every day of your life. There is no point in searching for solutions and reversing summer sun damage if you are not using preventative measures now.young asian woman wearing straw hat wide brim to protect her flawless face from ultraviolet in the sunlight

Age Spots from Sun Damage

Our bodies produce a chemical called melanin when we get too much sun. It protects us and it is why we tan, but melanin is really just a signal that we have damaged our skin. Although many think having a tan is healthy looking, it is just the opposite.

When we get extreme sun damage, the melanin can become concentrated into dark brown or black spots that are typically called age spots. Reversing age spots is possible with certain treatments:

  • Search for skin lightening creams that contain hydroquinone to help lighten the area. It won’t take all of the color out of your skin, but it will reduce the darkness of a particular spot when regularly applied. Glycolic acid can also help remove dark spots on your damaged skin.
  • Retinol is another good product to remove dark spots as well as help with wrinkles caused by sun damage to your skin. Be careful to read the directions for how to apply your product, though retinol serums are often most effective when used at night. Waldorf Women’s Care can prescribe a retinoid that will be more concentrated if a higher strength is needed.
  • Ask Waldorf Women’s Care about cryotherapy to freeze away dark spots.
  • Microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser therapy can all remove the outer layer of damaged skin to give you more youthful looking skin.


Yes, those wrinkles are more likely the result of sun damage than simply getting older. The medical term is “photoaging,” and wrinkles can make us look years older than we really are.

UV rays break down collagen, which keeps our skin smooth and taut. There are some available treatments from Waldorf Women’s Care to reverse summer sun damage and minimize the look of wrinkles:

  • We have all heard of antioxidants which help to reduce wrinkles. Use creams and serums  containing antioxidants as well as getting natural sources from spinach, carrots, and cantaloupe.
  •  Retinoids boost lost collagen. You can usually find it over-the-counter at your favorite beauty supply store, or ask Waldorf Women’s Care for a serum or cream that is best suited to your skin type.
  • Chemical peels will remove your damaged skin one layer at a time.
  • Microdermabrasion uses crystals to remove the outer layer of skin, restore a youthful complexion, and encourage the development of new collagen.
  • Laser therapy uses short pulses of light to remove damaged skin.

Reversing summer sun damage to your skin is possible even if you have been tough on your skin for many years by baking in the sun. Problems like sun spots, wrinkles, loose skin, spider veins, and ruddy complexions can all be treated safely under the care of a dermatologist.

Contact Waldorf Women’s Care for more information on treatments to reverse summer sun damage to your skin.