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Pellet Hormonal Regulation

Women no longer have to suffer the effects associated with menopause and hormonal imbalance ― decreased sex drive, hot flashes, memory loss, depression, difficulty sleeping, and fatigue. That’s thanks to SottoPelle Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy focuses on balance ― which is key when talking about regulating hormone levels.


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Hormone Replacement Medication

To work properly, a woman’s body must have an appropriate amount of their hormones, amongst these are Estradiol and Testosterone. Women start to lose both of these essential hormones either due to surgery or as we age, resulting in a woman just not feeling like herself. Most doctors will blame these symptoms on working long hours, running after the kids or dissatisfaction within their personal relationships. Unfortunately, some providers have a “get over it” attitude when it comes to addressing these complaints. Not us!

We are proud to offer SottoPelle to our patients as an answer.

What do Hormone Pellets do?

SottoPelle’s Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy balances hormone levels with a natural personalized therapy made from botanicals and will leave you feeling younger and more vibrant. This therapy has been in use for 30 years. Women feel more energetic, experience resolution of hot flashes, regain their sexual desire and overall achieve a sense of well-being. This therapy has even saved marriages. With SottoPelle’s Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, you can get your life back!

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