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How Microneedling Benefits Your Skin

Published November 4, 2021 by

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure also known as collagen induction therapy. This “controlled injury” process pricks the top layer of skin with tiny sterilized needles to encourage your body to produce collagen. …

Menopause And Dry Skin

Published April 20, 2018 by

First there were the hot flashes and the sleepless nights. Then it became harder to zip your favorite jeans, and loved ones thought you had completely lost your mind due to mood swings. …

How To Prevent Prenatal Infections

Published March 20, 2018 by

Pregnancy is a joyful time for moms-to-be, but as you decorate the nursery and plan for the baby’s arrival, don’t forget to take precautions to prevent prenatal infections. …